05 октября 2023 года

Speaking peer assessment

Listen to your partner and tick the aspects completed.

Restaurant's name and types of food they serve
The location of the restaurant
Things that make the restaurant special
Reccomendation of a dish to try/ not try
Vocabulary to describe trends
be a fad be a thing of the past be all the rage be fashionable be old-fashioned be on the way out be the latest thing be the nex big thing be trendy come back in style gain interest / popularity go out of style lose interest / popularity
Vocabulary for food and food preparation
cabbage eggplant garlic ginger mint pineapple shrimp tuna zucchini barbecue boil chop fry rinse stir
Real conditionals
If + Pr Simple, Pr Simple/Future Simple.
Clauses with after, until, when (also as soon as, before, once)

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