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The New Yorker

Writer's sources
Divide the text into many pieces so checking names and dates are correct.
Always start with obvious part such as controversial or not well-formulated phrases
Never hurry
Look for any source possible. It's normal if checking takes a lot of time
Contact author
Always ask authors for books, magazine, news clips, phone numbers or notes that can be sources of information.
How to talk to quoted people
Never read a qoute you want to ask about, sometimes people can deny what they said
Don't write everything
While speaking on the phone write only key words and phrases


Everything that can be doubted should be explained as nothing is obvious
Riliable sources
Always have two independent sources which constitute a good operational definition of truth
Experts' opinion
Considering science always ask some experts
They should not be used for writing questions, but perfect for setting up calls
Wiki itself is not reliable, but used links can be helpful


Check your work
After finishing one part or the whole work look for any mistakes you may have made
Having interns or junior employees means you should train them and oversight


Sometimes writing thoughts can lead to something bigger
Small companies
To avoid consequances of making mistakes at the career's start, it's better to start in SC
What is interesting for you
Write this at first, and after that you won't notice how you moved to other parts of work
Different formats
Journalists should be able to tell a story in every format
Wide net
Think deeply about everything that can be connected, call every person you can get any information from
Repeating question
During interviews return sometimes to already asked questions to be on track
From report to story
One of the ways to start writing a story is to start writing report
Be stubborn
If you get "no" as an answer, come back again and again until you recieve answer you want to
Double check
Check twice everything you get from sources
Don't share secrets
If you tell others' secrets you will lose interviewee's trust
Ask if a person has something to tell
This question can give information that you did not expect
Show up
Meeting in person is better than speaking on the phone

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