03 сентября 2020 года

Checklist 3d models with PBR materials HUBSTAIRS (eng)

model check



one smoothing group for all elements of the model (exception - straight joints)
isolated Vertices, overlapping faces, multiple edges, inverted normals are excluded
NGons are excluded
there are no intersections of geometry, holes
there are no snags on the model
all roundness are cut off from the plane by support edges, correct shading
modifier stack for each object is collapsed, all geometry - Editable Poly
model objects in the scene are linked to the Point Helper
object's pivots (coordinates and rotation) - 0,0
if there is a light bulb in the scene .. the light bulb object is named -bulb, material and textures -glass
the bulb object's pivot is centered on the bulb's sphere. Bulb coordinates are multiples of 1 mm
dimensions of the model are multiples of 1mm
ResetXForm is applied

UV map

padding between elements is not less than 50 px on UV map of 2048x2048 px
UV map element's scale (texel density) - 50 and higher
all elements on the UV map have the same scale (texel density)
except for "hidden" elements (can be reduced up to 10%), except for elements which are not visible under normal conditions (can be reduced up to 75%)
there is no noticeable distortion on the UV map
there are no inverted & ovelapped polygons on the UV map
all elements on the UV map are aligned parallel to the x, y axes


all textures - png
texture size 2048x2048 or 4096x4096
textures of the same material have the same resolution
all textures are universal
size of textures depends on the element's scale on UV map: scale 50-95 - textures 4096x4096 px \\\ scale 95 and higher - textures 2048x2048 px
textures with directional patterns are arranged horizontally
texture paths are set to \textures\
Height map - if filled, by default - rgb 128.128.128, Normal map - if filled, by default - rgb 128.128.255
I did't bake AO on transparent glass
AO - solid fill, white


all materials - Physical Material
Material Editor contains only the materials used on the model
roughness metalness and normal textures loaded with Override 1.0
all texture slots are named D R M N - respectively
if there is fabric in the scene, the Falloff map is set up correctly, ior 1.0


scene layer (two cameras, ground) is hidden, the model with Point Helper is on the default layer
both cameras are set up for preview, the model is located in the center of the preview
viewports in the scene are positioned correctly, the model is centered in all viewports

archive structure

archive structure is respected
the model itself with the Point Helper is exported to the export folder
export folder and final archive are packed in .zip
preview is saved in .png format 1000x1000 px (without alpha channel)
there are three hdri files in the "scene\textures" folder besides textures
the scene is saved in version 3ds max 2018

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